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Campbell Landscaping has several technicians who are very knowledgeable when it comes to fence design for your home. There are many different decisions that need to be made when deciding to build a fence around your home. The first decision that must be made is where you would like your fence to begin and end. While this may seem easy, dependent upon your plat of land, you may not be able to fence in your entire yard. Other obstacles may also hinder your ability to fence in your entire yard as well, such as, trees, creeks, nature paths, and other various obstructions. Avoiding or removing these obstacles will be included in the design process ahead of time so no surprises occur. Providing us a survey of your yard with the correct measurements around your property line will speed up our fence design process.

After figuring out where your fence line lies, we will provide you with a booklet with the different fence designs that you may choose to be placed along your property. There are different styles, colors, and heights of the fences and posts so be sure to understand and know what your local area allows. Our clientele have many different goals when it comes to deciding the best fence design to use for the property, such as, security, privacy, or to allow a pet to roam the yard freely without a leash. These are just a few ideas to help understand how to pick and choose the appropriate fence design for your property. 

The final piece of the project is to determine how many gates you would like, where you would like them placed along the fence, and how wide you would like them. Different fence designs offer different gate styles but predominantly the size of the entry ways remain the same. A single door entry way at the front and the rear of the fence, if it goes from the front to the back of the property, is the standard practice for fence designs. If you have a large landscape that requires more than a push mower a larger gate may need to be installed. 

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